I’m going on a Blog Trip

Well this mom here is going on a blog trip this week of September 1-5. It will be interesting to get to know other mom bloggers out there and why they blog. Do they blog because they like the creative outlet when life seems to be chaotic? Do they blog to promote their business or passion? OR do they blog to share their life with their family and friends? It seems we all have our reasons for blogging. I personally enjoy blogging about me, my family, random things (which all can be found at my mom blog site: Wife and Mom of 3) AND I enjoy blogging about the books I’ve come across (which can be found in The Book Faery Reviews).  

So who wants to know about this mom blogger who loves being me, a wife, a mother, and a reader?! You obviously if you’re reading this post and I do hope you continue to read this one and any others on my site (don’t forget to leave a comment or two with your own blog/website and I’ll return the favor and stop by…who knows…we may end up enjoying each other’s company enough to exchange links or add to our RSS readers…).

Well… I am married to my high school heart who I have known half of my life. We’ve been married for 8 years and together are raising 3 beautiful children (2 girls and 1 boy).

I am currently a SAHM (stay at home mom…for anyone not familiar with the acronym). My older two are in 1st and 3rd grade while the youngest is at home with me during the day. I am in hopes of finding a job though as I DO feel like my brain is going to mush and I need more intelligent conversations throughout the day. Not that there is ANYTHING wrong with being a SAHM but playgroups and such just didn’t give me what I needed. I want to be able to converse with my hubby and friends about more topics aside from what Jr. did today…I just need my own personal stimulation.

Aside from my blogging, I enjoy spending time with my hubby and kids, hanging out with MY mommy (LOL…hey if the kids can do it, why can’t I?!), go-karting with the kids, 4-wheeling with my hubby, dancing with my kids, reading all kinds of books, cooking, hanging out on the deck with my girls with a “drink” and having one of our “board meetings”, and singing to my MP3 player (OMG…”there was this ONE time” I wasn’t expecting my husband’s best friend so soon for dinner and my son taps me on the hip with HIM behind me with a grin on his face as I’m jamming to a song while I cook dinner!! Talk about embarrassing!! I may have known him half my life too but STILL!! That’s the side he’s NEVER seen! LOL)

I love to sing (but just for my mom, sister, kids, and self…I know…), instead of shoes, I am a purse addict (in fact I just got my third Dooney and Burke purse and LOVE it!! Thank you Mom! A bit too conservative/business like for my girlfriends but SOOO me). I’m STILL on the search for a great Coach purse to add to my collection!! I’ve got a girlfriend who SWEARS her Coach hook up sells the REAL THING at a HUGE discount…so we’ll just have to check her out soon!

Some other tidbits about me…

  • Though I am no longer a Catholic, I was baptized by the Pope in the Philippines where I was born in 1978.
  • I am my son’s football “Team Mom”.
  • I’m fascinated with faeries, dragons, and ghosts.
  • I love the colors purple and dark red. (My wedding was in a smoky purple and I wear some sort of red piece of clothing to a job interview if I want it bad enough for the added confidence.)
  • I was 2nd runner up to Miss Jr. Raleigh in 1994 and Miss Congeniality in that same pageant. My oldest daughter was 2nd runner up for a local pageant here and got Miss Smiley when she was 2 (she’s almost 9 now)!! How ironic…
  • One of these days I WILL (power of determination!) to open up a café/bookstore.
  • Before I turn 31 this December I want to get a tattoo…just debating on my faery facing the dragon or a faery sitting on books for my shoulder. It’s on my “to do before I die” list!


I live in Raleigh, NC where the seasons have typically changed over the years…meaning, the colors change in the fall, the weather is quite chilly in the winter, the flowers are all in bloom in the spring, and the air is perfect for a swim without burning your nostril hairs. However, I have to admit the past two years have been a bit odd and off in terms of weather pattern but I still love my North Carolina and YEP…I am a Southern Gal and enjoy the perfect pace of the south.

So there you go…a bit about me…what else do you want to know? Just leave me a comment and I’ll let you know! I’m a fairly open book as I am who I am and not ashamed of who I am (without the use of real names of course to protect my family the best I can online…course you know there’s always a risk to blogging freely online when it comes to your family)…


If you’re interested in joining this blog trip, then check out my earlier blog at: https://wifeandmomof3.wordpress.com/2008/08/23/im-going-on-a-blog-trip-sept-1-5/.



And the day is FAR from over!!  Whoever said a SAHM is easy and fun all the time has GOT to be kidding!!  Today I THOUGHT I’d wake up before the masses to plan my forever long to-do list and tweak my Book Blog (www.tbfreviews.wordpress.com) by giving it a new look.  I was stoked to get my image more book related when I realized that ALL of my community logos and links and other working things were GONE!!  Not just hidden for me to pull back up like the blogroll is but GONE! I literally had to go to various communities to RE-COPY logos, widgets, and such and to make things MORE complicating, in wordpress if you want to copy and move html text to another wordpress location (as I have some of the same info on this site) it won’t allow it!! UGH…

Once the kids get up we realize there is no more cereal left and I’m out of eggs…JOY! So quickly make them shower and dress so we can start errands early and stop by good old McDs…but of course by the time we get there breakfast is no longer being served (more grumbles and complains because they don’t get hashbrowns…hey…at least they’re getting SOMETHING! Ya know?!)

Head to the library to drop books off and print some things off (a week or 2 back I “accidentally” pulled something out of the inside where it prints because paper jammed…ANOTHER story…JOY).  Dump all books in the book slot not paying attention to what is being tossed in as I had requested everyone put all of their books into my bad.  Between being yanked by the 2 year old and griping at the kids for picking with each other, I just didn’t pay attention to how ANY of the books looked (cross our fingers I at least got the to the right library!). Leave and feel a little accomplished and happy to mark it off the list.  But THEN I get a call from the library because I’ve dropped a book that looked like a dog chewed it like crazy and I need to come in and pay the fee this week (THANKS Snoopy!! LOL).  OMG…I absolutely forgot and NEVER meant to drop THAT one in!! 

STILL have to pick up groceries, run to the gas station, pick up a money order for a bill, run to the Dick’s Sports Store to get a “cup” and mouth guard for little man’s football, run to the post office, and STILL come home before hubby does to shop for cheaper medical insurance, wash dishes, throw a load in, straighten up, cook dinner, check e-mail (and post a blog…heehee), and THEN prepare for 2 hours of football practice (DEEP breath in! LOL)…

So I get home, cook spaghetti in between phone calls to hubby’s employer, insurance companies, and washing dishes…little one’s eating dinner and I need to run to the laundry room now…Then we’ll need to leave for the field in 30 minutes.  Once we get home you all know how long it takes for nighttime routines (and the kids are now on their school bedtime since they go back next Monday) for three.  Once that’s done by 9pm…perhaps I’ll finish some laundry and hopefully have SOME time to snuggle next to hubby before we fall asleep to lala land…LOL

The job hunt is back on in full swing…

well..kind of full swing…I’ve been utilizing Monster.com, CareerBuilder, ManPower, and Frankel Staffing to help me find a job.  As much as I’ve enjoyed staying home with the kids (who wouldn’t love hanging out at the pool or library all day long?!), by the end of the evening I’m ready to pull all my hair out trying to wind us all down and finish all the housework I neglected earlier in the day… LOL  Being a SAHM is TOUGH when the kids are so high maintenance and in constant demand! So BIG BIG props to all those SAHMs out there!! 

I procrastinated and didn’t get far with my business plan for the cafe/bookstore like I had planned, I ended up being selfish and refuse to give up all my precious books for the online used bookstore (believe me…hubby’s NOT too thrilled that my books have carried out into the garage…at least they are on a bookshelf alphabetized and I finally got rid of multiple duplicates of books)!  I haven’t even had much time to keep my blogs updated (and I DO miss it so)!  Do you think I ever got the kids rooms and their bathroom completed?! HA…not to mention I feel sooo underappreciated and my brain feels like mush!! LOL

So I’m ready! Ready to get back into work chaos.  Apparently it was easier for me to juggle family, work, chores, and errands when I had a full schedule!  I find that so odd…

Next week I do have an interview for a Quality Assurance Administrator for Value Option so I do hope it works out well for me and everyone involved.  I’m a bit nervous about requesting a 7:30-3:30/4 schedule or at least 1 day that I get off by 4pm so I have time to take my daughter to soccer practice.  Hopefully it won’t be an issue and automatically write me off their candidate list.  I figured if i was up front in the beginning it would be better for all involved.  If that one doesn’t work out, I know something will come along.  At least I’m drawing unemployment alongside my hubby’s income.  Yet it’s still a major cut in our previous income. 

I never realized all the things we took for granted til our income was dropped tremendously.  These past 2 weeks have been grueling in trying to determine what warranted a drive out and then which vehicle was better for the distance.  Meals are becoming harder to be creative with a smaller grocery budget and with the heat so high, utilities are higher since we’re inside a little bit more when we don’t take that drive to the pool.  And believe me…on the days we don’t go…the kids get antsy and whiny kids just make me want to pull my hair out (i’m surprised I still have some)! LOL  In the past two weeks we’ve gone from swimming everyday (and yes…I’ve been swimming laps and trimming down too!) to swimming 3x a week just to save gas!  And starting next week we’ll have sports practice 4x a week in addition!!!

Anyone know of any healthy tight budget meals for 5?