An American Icon with Smiley Faces

MMM…since I sometimes pretend that I’m an All-American Girl (“Oh-KAAAAAAY”)…thought I would share the BEST All American place for yummy breakfast (they also serve lunch/dinner) ANYTIME of the day that MY family LOVES to grub at…

IHOP!!! No…not the International House of Prayer (though we could all do/get a bit more)…not Information Hyperlinked over Proteins (yeah…I said the same thing…HUH?!)…But INTERNATIONAL HOUSE OF PANCAKES!!!!


Who DIDN’T get the smiley faced pancakes loaded with sugar when you were a kid?! And if you didn’t I’m so sorry!!  I CRINGE now when they request all that sugar but then it’s NOT gonna kill ’em…





OMG…Check out the Horton Hears a Who Pancake to help promote the latest movie!!! INSANE!!! Talk about a major sugar rush after eating THIS!!



I personally LOVE the steak omelet and country fried steak and eggs.  And ALWAYS gotta get a loaded hashbrown with cheese, tomatoes, onions, and mushrooms!!! MMM…My mouth is watering so much I better grab the watering can to conserve water for the flowers! LOL…I crack me up sometimes…I make the stupidest jokes (at least I don’t CLAIM to be a comedian!!)…Wonder if I can convince hubby to take us there tonight (since we all know breakfast always seems to taste best at night)!

In case you’d like to know…IHOP is hosting a “Discover America Pancake Tour” til September 7th!!