I’m going on a “Blog Trip” Sept 1-5!!

Mommy Community turned 5 years old in July 2008! To wrap up the summer, the Mommy Community will be hosting its very own “Road Trip” with a twist…it’s called the “Blog Trip”. Won’t you come and join me on the “Blog Trip”?

The Mommy Community Blog Trip will be on Sept. 1-5, 2008 and moms all over the net will be blog hopping through other participating mom blogs. There will be a list of participants in a special post in the Mommy Community blog with Mr. Linky. Moms will have an opportunity to meet, learn a bit more, share and chat with other moms in cyberspace.

Let’s try to make the Blog Trip exciting and with lots of stops and blogs to visit. Along the way, there will be some prizes to giveaway so make sure to join us for all the fun. A list of prizes will be listed in a special post in the Mommy Community blog. Prize drawing will be open to all participants of The Mommy Community Blog Trip.

Spread the word, invite others to join our Blog Trip by placing the Mommy Community Blog Trip 2008 graphic on the sidebar of your blog or website. There are a few to choose from to help you find the right one to fit your blog.

Write a post on your blog or site about our Blog Trip. It doesn’t have to be long or complicated – simply invite others to join the fun just as you would invite your best friend to join you in this journey.

Start your engine in your own Blog. The point of throwing this blog trip is so that we can travel in cyberspace, make a stop at another mom’s blog and visit and see what her life is like. For other mom bloggers to learn more about you and where you are from, you will need to post a short “Intro” about you. It’s like a “Round Robin” – every participating mom blogger gets a chance to introduce themselves and share who they are, where they live and show off their city.

You can be as creative as you want – you can make your blog post as simple or as detailed as you wish – it’s all up to you. Share what you want. Post pictures, use audio and even video – we want to enjoy this blog trip so let’s try to make it really visual.

During the entire event, there will be a Linky available where you can add your name and Intro Post Link. All you have to do is post about our Blog trip once during our celebration (Sept. 1-5, 2008). The key here is to make sure that you leave your blog trip post link url on our Mr. Linky so other moms can find your “Introduction” – that way they do not have to search through your blog – makes it easy for everyone.

The Mr. Linky thingie will be listed on the Blog Aug.31, 2008 so we can jump start the Blog Trip. Make sure to add your link then and note that the sooner you add your link, then the chances of others visiting your blog is greater. If you are a newbie with Mr. Linky, don’t be confused. All it is – is an easy way for you to leave your link back to your blog.

Start your journey, visit participating bloggers. Alright, so you have posted about our Blog Trip on your blog. You have posted an “intro” in your blog and left your link in the Mr. Linky in our Site. Now, it’s time to start your cyber-trip – visit other blogs that you can find in the Mr. Linky thingie in our blog. Just start clicking on the links to learn more about other moms. Make sure to leave them a comment to let them know you found them through our Mommy Community Blog Trip. You may find some new blogs to follow and make new friends.

Have a fun giveaway in your blog (Optional) Since you are already getting all this traffic from other moms, why not have your own mini-party? If you have something fun to giveaway, why not have a fun prize drawing too? Make sure to let me know in advance if you are hosting a giveaway on your blog on the days of our Blog Trip (Sept. 1-5, 2008) and I will post about it on the Mommy Community blog. You can make participants leave you a comment on your giveaway blog post and choose a random winner that way. Just make sure that you are clear with your instructions on how others can enter your giveaway.

Want more link love from Mommy Community? Purchase a sponsorship or Donate a prize (Optional) The Mommy Community is offering sponsorship spots for a very low $10.

Sponsorship includes the following perks: Your blog url will be listed as a “Recommended Stop” or “Point of Interest” during our Blog Trip. All recommended stops or points of interests will be mentioned in our BLOG TRIP mailing sent out to the Mommy Community list which has over 1000 subscribers. Also, all recommended stops and points of interests will be mentioned in the Mommy Community podcast episode during the week of the Blog Trip (Week of Sept. 1, 2008). All of the episodes get about 500+ downloads. To purchase sponsorship, send Maria at Mommy Community an email so she can send you an invoice. She will continue to accept sponsors until Aug. 27, 2008.

Maria from the Mommy Community is hoping to giveaway lots of fun stuff to moms during the Mommy Community BLOG Trip so she is looking for prize donations. All prize donations will be listed in the Contest/Prize page and prizes will be drawn from comments left on our Blog Trip 2008 post when she will do a random drawing. If you want to donate a prize, simply send her an email.

Make sure to stop by the Mommy Community Site everyday from Sept 1-5, 2008
Maria from the Mommy Community will be hosting different contests during those days. There will be a bunch of them and she will post about the contests in the Contest/Prize Page. To learn more, visit the Contests Page.

After the blog trip, simply post a wrap-up on your blog. Let the Mommy Community know how you liked it. If you made new friends or even won a prize, post about it. If you want, you can even give your new friends some link love by sharing their blogs with others.

I hope you can come join me and all the other moms from the Mommy community. Winners for the contests will be announced in the Mommy Community blog on Sept 8, 2008.


Check back and find out more about my home state of North Carolina and a bit about me and my family!

(I owe credits to Maria from Mommy Community for this post…without her I wouldn’t have been able to explain this fun new “Blog Trip”!!)


The Mom Song

My ABSOLUTE favorite Mom song!!  If you haven’t already seen this you’ve got to!!  The Mom Song Sung to William Tell Overture condensed into 2 minutes!! AMAZING! LOL 

Comment me and tell me what you think of this song…


I never know when to and when not to help.  My husband and I have always said that you just never know if it’s Jesus in disguise and we think…what if it was us.  There are days when I feel more led to help, I feel as if it’s difficult to breathe and I just want to cry so I feel the need.  Maybe i’m feeling their own feelings as I get close.  Then there are days when I think…ok…I just bought you food and drink and you’re not stopping to eat, instead you keep holding up your sign.  I wonder if they really needed food or if it’s a scam.  I think…if you can stand here, day after day, why can’t you find work to help you get off the street and into a place to live in warmth and cool air?  You look young and healthy enough to work…Then of COURSE I HAVE to see “God Bless” and I begin to feel guilty…UGH…

As I was looking for a picture to go along with this blog,  I came across an article written in “The Scarlet” (I pulled the pic from this site).  I decided to read it while I was there and realized WHY most people can’t work…they don’t have an ADDRESS to provide an employer in order to work!  Well DUH to me… If the government is going to provide work assistance programs, why not help them by providing their address til they get off the streets into their own place (maybe make them check in weekly)?!  If that happened, perhaps there would be less people on the streets.  I don’t know…or maybe it’s already done in some areas and just not in others?

In the meantime, we’ll continue to be led to give to certain individuals whether with food, material items (clothes, blankets, etc), or money …because you just never


And the day is FAR from over!!  Whoever said a SAHM is easy and fun all the time has GOT to be kidding!!  Today I THOUGHT I’d wake up before the masses to plan my forever long to-do list and tweak my Book Blog (www.tbfreviews.wordpress.com) by giving it a new look.  I was stoked to get my image more book related when I realized that ALL of my community logos and links and other working things were GONE!!  Not just hidden for me to pull back up like the blogroll is but GONE! I literally had to go to various communities to RE-COPY logos, widgets, and such and to make things MORE complicating, in wordpress if you want to copy and move html text to another wordpress location (as I have some of the same info on this site) it won’t allow it!! UGH…

Once the kids get up we realize there is no more cereal left and I’m out of eggs…JOY! So quickly make them shower and dress so we can start errands early and stop by good old McDs…but of course by the time we get there breakfast is no longer being served (more grumbles and complains because they don’t get hashbrowns…hey…at least they’re getting SOMETHING! Ya know?!)

Head to the library to drop books off and print some things off (a week or 2 back I “accidentally” pulled something out of the inside where it prints because paper jammed…ANOTHER story…JOY).  Dump all books in the book slot not paying attention to what is being tossed in as I had requested everyone put all of their books into my bad.  Between being yanked by the 2 year old and griping at the kids for picking with each other, I just didn’t pay attention to how ANY of the books looked (cross our fingers I at least got the to the right library!). Leave and feel a little accomplished and happy to mark it off the list.  But THEN I get a call from the library because I’ve dropped a book that looked like a dog chewed it like crazy and I need to come in and pay the fee this week (THANKS Snoopy!! LOL).  OMG…I absolutely forgot and NEVER meant to drop THAT one in!! 

STILL have to pick up groceries, run to the gas station, pick up a money order for a bill, run to the Dick’s Sports Store to get a “cup” and mouth guard for little man’s football, run to the post office, and STILL come home before hubby does to shop for cheaper medical insurance, wash dishes, throw a load in, straighten up, cook dinner, check e-mail (and post a blog…heehee), and THEN prepare for 2 hours of football practice (DEEP breath in! LOL)…

So I get home, cook spaghetti in between phone calls to hubby’s employer, insurance companies, and washing dishes…little one’s eating dinner and I need to run to the laundry room now…Then we’ll need to leave for the field in 30 minutes.  Once we get home you all know how long it takes for nighttime routines (and the kids are now on their school bedtime since they go back next Monday) for three.  Once that’s done by 9pm…perhaps I’ll finish some laundry and hopefully have SOME time to snuggle next to hubby before we fall asleep to lala land…LOL

Exercise Playlists

Fitness magazine shows this songs as the best for exercising.  So start downloading away like I’m about to! 

Songs for Powerwalking
Jump – Madonna, Chasing Cars – Snow Patrol, Haven’t Found – Pras, featuring Sharli McQueen, Hip Hop Is Dead – Nas, featuring will.i.am, High Road – Fort Minor featuring John Legend, What a Feeling – Peter Luts & Dominico, Teen Love – Peter Bjorn & John

Hot Body Playlist
It’s My Life – No Doubt, Wanna Be Startin’ Something – Michael Jackson, Seven Nation Army – White Stripes, Say It Right – Nelly Furtado, We Fly High – Jim Jones

Cardio Easier Playlist
Irreplaceable – Beyonce, What Goes Around, Comes Around – Justin Timberlake, SexyBack – Justin Timberlake, Be Without You – Mary J Blige, Wait a Minute – Pussycat Dolls

Ultimate Mood Booster Playlist
Call Me – Blondie, Good Girl Gone Bad – Rihanna, Everybody Got Their Something – Nikka Costa, Jump – Madonna, Hate On Me – Jill Scott

Cardio Playlist
Hood Boy – Fantasia Barrino, Long Way 2 Go – Cassie, Hollywood – Jay Z featuring Beyonce, Hip Hop Is Dead – Nas featuring will.i.am, Everything I Can’t Have – Robin Thicke, Ever Blazin – Sean Paul, Glamorious – Fergie, Maneater – Nelly Furtado

Strength Training Playlist
Chop Me Up – Justin Timberlake, Entourage – Omarion, Last Night – Diddy, Lost One – Jay Z, Show Me – Janet Jackson, Mama Africa – Akon, Like a Boy – Ciara, We Ride ( I See the Future) – Mary J Blige

Got a song not listed above but think is a great tune, leave a comment with the title and author!

Being Green in the Afterlife

“A “Green” burial will typically ban the use of embalming fluids (or at least require alternatives), vaults, conventional markers, and metal caskets. Green burial sites are often located in meadows and wooded areas that do not require constant maintenance, and the clear-cutting of trees. A “Tree Burial” is one type of green burial in which the body is laid to rest under a newly planted tree.”

To read more about “How to Be Green in the Afterlife” go to: http://life.gaiam.com/gaiam/p/HowtoBeGreenintheAfterlife.html

Hubby and I have often spoken about just being cremated and buried in the same spot together but this is better! After reading the article I told him I wanted a tree planted in my spot, then when he dies if he wishes, we can add his ashes to the soil around the tree as well. I never did see a point to caskets and markers. We both haven’t seen our parents graves in years and I certainly don’t want people to remember me in death but in life.

“In a sense, the tree is you – living on…”

It’s the LAST week of summer vacation!

THIS is the LAST week of summer vacation for the kids!!  Where did SUMMER go?!  Gee what did we even DO this summer?!  Did we take the vacations we said we’d do?  Did we play as hard as we could? Did we break “school rules”?  What did we do this summer?

Hmmm…let’s see…we swam, swam, and swam at the pool nearly every day during the week, visited the local museums, we watched Hulk 2 & Hell-Boy 2 (Hulk 2 was awesome by the way and Hell-boy sucked in my opinion…which my 7 year old son agrees but daddy not so much…LOL), we visited the NC Aquarium at Kure Beach, played in the Wilmington Beach sand, ate seafood at the beach, BBQ’d this 4th southern style with a “Pig Pickin'” and watched the BIG fireworks in the backyard of a relatives, rode bikes til 8/9pm, ran after ice-cream trucks, played flashlight tag after dark with the neighbors, stayed up REALLY late and slept in late…hmmm…I think we did the typical summer break the rules and have fun things…LOL

So this week it’s time to finish school supply shopping, get haircuts, put together funky cool outfits to wear our first day of school, and go back to our old boring nightime routine of showered/bathed and in the bed by 9pm…it kind of reminds me of our last day of our beach trip when it just rained as we stared out the windows on our drive home…

Bye-Bye summer…til next year…

Songs I sang for my children…

Tonight as I was singing to my 2 year old I remembered all the songs I use to sing to my children (and still do occasionally) to soothe and calm them.  So tonight I thought I would share the favorites for each one…

For my dearest older daughter of 8 I remember nights of ages ago it seemed of singing “All the Pretty Little Horses”…

Hush-a-bye, don’t you cry,
Go to sleepy little baby.
When you wake, you’ll have cake,
And all the pretty little horses.

Black and bay, dapple and grey,
Coach and six little horses,
Hush-a-bye, don’t you cry,
Go to sleepy little baby.
Hush-a-bye, don’t you cry,
Go to sleepy little baby,
When you wake, you’ll have cake,
And all the pretty little horses.

Way down yonder, down in the meadow,
There’s a poor wee little lamby.
The bees and the butterflies pickin’ at its eyes,
The poor wee thing cried for her mammy.

Hush-a-bye, don’t you cry,
Go to sleepy little baby.
When you wake, you’ll have cake,
And all the pretty little horses.

For my middle child and my only boy our favorite song was “Jesus Loves Me”…
Jesus loves me! this I know,
For the Bible tells me so.
Little ones to Him belong;
they are weak but He is strong.

Yes, Jesus loves me!
Yes, Jesus loves me!
Yes, Jesus loves me!
The Bible tells me so.

Jesus loves me! loves me still,
‘tho I’m very weak and ill,
that I might from sin be free,
bled and died upon the tree.

Yes, Jesus loves me!
Yes, Jesus loves me!
Yes, Jesus loves me!
The Bible tells me so.

Jesus loves me! He who died
heaven’s gate to open wide;
He will wash away my sin,
let His little child come in.

Yes, Jesus loves me!
Yes, Jesus loves me!
Yes, Jesus loves me!
The Bible tells me so.

Jesus loves me! He will stay
close beside me all the way.
Thou hast bled and died for me,
I will henceforth live for Thee.

Yes, Jesus loves me!
Yes, Jesus loves me!
Yes, Jesus loves me!
The Bible tells me so.

Then for my youngest our favorite that seems to calm her the most of all the songs I sing is “You Are My Sunshine”…as I’ve always looked at her as my little sunshine…
You Are My Sunshine
My only sunshine.
You make me happy
When skies are grey.
You’ll never know, dear,
How much I love you.
Please don’t take my sunshine away

Do you have your favorites that you sing to your little one?  What song is that?

The job hunt is back on in full swing…

well..kind of full swing…I’ve been utilizing Monster.com, CareerBuilder, ManPower, and Frankel Staffing to help me find a job.  As much as I’ve enjoyed staying home with the kids (who wouldn’t love hanging out at the pool or library all day long?!), by the end of the evening I’m ready to pull all my hair out trying to wind us all down and finish all the housework I neglected earlier in the day… LOL  Being a SAHM is TOUGH when the kids are so high maintenance and in constant demand! So BIG BIG props to all those SAHMs out there!! 

I procrastinated and didn’t get far with my business plan for the cafe/bookstore like I had planned, I ended up being selfish and refuse to give up all my precious books for the online used bookstore (believe me…hubby’s NOT too thrilled that my books have carried out into the garage…at least they are on a bookshelf alphabetized and I finally got rid of multiple duplicates of books)!  I haven’t even had much time to keep my blogs updated (and I DO miss it so)!  Do you think I ever got the kids rooms and their bathroom completed?! HA…not to mention I feel sooo underappreciated and my brain feels like mush!! LOL

So I’m ready! Ready to get back into work chaos.  Apparently it was easier for me to juggle family, work, chores, and errands when I had a full schedule!  I find that so odd…

Next week I do have an interview for a Quality Assurance Administrator for Value Option so I do hope it works out well for me and everyone involved.  I’m a bit nervous about requesting a 7:30-3:30/4 schedule or at least 1 day that I get off by 4pm so I have time to take my daughter to soccer practice.  Hopefully it won’t be an issue and automatically write me off their candidate list.  I figured if i was up front in the beginning it would be better for all involved.  If that one doesn’t work out, I know something will come along.  At least I’m drawing unemployment alongside my hubby’s income.  Yet it’s still a major cut in our previous income. 

I never realized all the things we took for granted til our income was dropped tremendously.  These past 2 weeks have been grueling in trying to determine what warranted a drive out and then which vehicle was better for the distance.  Meals are becoming harder to be creative with a smaller grocery budget and with the heat so high, utilities are higher since we’re inside a little bit more when we don’t take that drive to the pool.  And believe me…on the days we don’t go…the kids get antsy and whiny kids just make me want to pull my hair out (i’m surprised I still have some)! LOL  In the past two weeks we’ve gone from swimming everyday (and yes…I’ve been swimming laps and trimming down too!) to swimming 3x a week just to save gas!  And starting next week we’ll have sports practice 4x a week in addition!!!

Anyone know of any healthy tight budget meals for 5?

Football, Soccer…the season is FINALLY here!!

Little man has been in football camp the past two weeks…we’ve been yelling random “Ready, Set, Hut!” so he remembers what to do…it’s very cute! LOL  He will be on the “Patriots” team and is currently placed in the “running back” tryout section since he’s a fast runner.  Tonight daddy and him decided to work on catching and of course they just HAD to practice in my living room near breakables because it was too hot outside…GRRR…Daddy has volunteered to be an assistant coach and you guessed it…”mommy” (me) is team mom (head coach’s “secretary”).  I can’t believe my husband has decided to do this but I’m sooo happy and of course I shouldn’t have been so surprised since he’s been waiting for this day for the past couple of years. 

So we’ll be having lots of family time out on the football field nearly everyday (course 2 days a week I’ll be with my oldest daughter on the soccer field).  I’m rather excited about the family getting active together  (as I plan on refreshing my soccer skills again).  Oh sooo much to learn about football and refresh up on soccer!!!  LOL  Well if you knew me, you’d understand (and probably laugh) knowing I just HAD to do some fun research…found this cool site for mom’s with kids involved in team sports to help them understand rules, sport lingo, and such: http://www.momsguide.com/football/fb1.html.  Plan on grabbing some popcorn sprinkled with cheese seasoning while I sit and read everything about the sports!

We’ve been waiting for the day to get involved with sports with the kids and it’s FINALLY here!! (Course it is at the same bittersweet as we really see how fast time has been flying by…)  And I’m also wondering how we’re going to manage this with the 2 year old in tow (especially when the football practice site does NOT have a playground)! Got any tips to keep them occupied while still giving you the chance to enjoy watching and rooting for the kids at practices and games?!

So tell me…what’s your favorite sport to watch that have kid players?  In hubby and my younger years our days were filled with martial arts (him), soccer (me), wrestling (him), softball (me), and volleyball (me) practices…Soon as little man is old enough, believe me…wrestling will be the other sport he plays alongside football if hubby can manage it!!

OK…update…that site was NOT a good one!! Apparently I have to PURCHASE the online guide?  So I’m on the search for another…

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