Ecstastic News!!

I’m often plagued with a fickle mind who never seems to know which path she wishes to take and has yet to even decide what she REALLY wants to be when she grows up…With that fickle mind, I’ve once again decided to make changes.  Course I like to look at them as internal growth changes because my brain needs and enjoys constant stimulation (yeah…I get bored easy…course if you knew me personally you’d think I was stimulated enough with my life! LOL).  I’m going to begin writing certain posts for other businesses as I use/review their products/services as they relate to me and my family in exchange for product/service/money.  I will of course intertwine my blog with many other posts that are not business product/service related (if you couldn’t already tell, I started to do it in some in earlier posts).  

With that…This blog has moved and gone self-hosted!!!  The new site is located here:  It should be ready with all my stuff come Sunday evening. 🙂 I will continue to keep this blog up for awhile until all who currently link to me have the chance to record my new location. 

As we all know, time evolves us and knew things occur in our lives which give us the need for change.  I’ve decided to come off the WordPress hosted version so I may be able to do more writing freelance work and create an online used bookstore (yes hubby…I promise to finally get that up so we have a reason to have books that spill out into our garage).  2 things I am able to do on a self-hosted blog site (which I purchased through Gatorhost).  

So what are you waiting for?  Come on by the new place and let me know what you think come Monday!  Don’t forget to drop me a line either in my first post or on my About Me page. I’ve never one been afraid of feedback:-)


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