Tuesday Toot Meme: I ran the marathon…

Woohoo my FIRST Tuesday Toot Meme!!  Perhaps THAT’S a TOOT in itself!! 

Today my girlfriend and I went out to Chinese for lunch and as we were eating she was telling me she takes about 1 hr and 45 minutes to clean our neighbor’s 2 story house.  I’m thinking…WHAT?! How is that even POSSIBLE! Course she’s been cleaning houses for a living for years so she probably has lots of tips and can get into that quick mode…

I get home and decide it’s 1pm and the little one needs to take a nap.  Since she sleeps for typically about 2 hours long in the afternoon I thought it would be the PERFECT time to CLEAN EACH ROOM and spend only 15 minutes in each to master that 1 hour and 45 minutes…Throw on my MP3 player, crank up the volume, and head to the kitchen.  After about 15 minutes the oven timer goes off and I’m only HALF WAY through my kitchen!  I cleaned the microwave, stove top and door, dishes, fridge door, sink window glass, counters, things on counters, sweep, mop…and I hadn’t even cleaned the light fixture and 3 bay windows in the kitchen (that will just have to be another day)!!  Then I’m jamming and nearly running through my living room with my dust rag (and break THREE of my faery figurines in one way or another…hope super glue works…they’re CRYSTAL from my hubby!! I REALLY hope he’s not reading this now…LOL).  I vacuum, sweep/mop the foyer area and then clean up my bedroom/bathroom (STILL need to THOROUGHLY clean the bathrooms tomorrow!) some (dusting/vacuum). And it’s like 2.5 hours!!! The kids rooms and bathrooms AND laundry are STILL left to do!! 

So today I bow down to my wonderful Kirby vacuum (course not nearly as much as the person who created a shrine to it below…LOL) even though I didn’t get everything done…for all was happy when they arrived home…TOOT TOOT for me!!

So do you have any good quick tips to make cleaning thoroughly go faster?!


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