I’ve become inspired! Digitally speaking that is…

The other week I was cleaning out my file cabinet and located many photo envelopes filled with developed pictures as well as CDs and even discs of the kids over the past SEVEN years! Apparently I got too lazy between years 3-6 of their lives and haven’t either scrapbooked, printed the digital pictures out, or even checked out disc/CD contents! I EVEN had forgotten about those moments until I saw them!! Oh what a terrible mommy I AM!! LOL Over the past year I’ve found it easier (sooo impersonal, I know…) just posting the pictures online somewhere for friends and family or e-mailing pictures out and on a rare occasion I might actually print them out at the local Wal-mart photo lab BUT there just HAD to be SOME GOOD reason for doing so.  Yep…another strike for me for not wanting to have billions of pictures of my 3 kids up for display…but honestly? I hate the cluttered look of still photograph frames all over the place and AT LEAST 2 out of 3 have a scrapbook of their first year (yes…I DO have the scrapbook and paper for the toddler so I can do one for her too)!! See…I’m NOT such a bad mommy after all. 

Here’s what I think I should REALLY look into doing…

·         Buy those digital frames that allow you to load up pictures then I won’t feel as cluttered.  Who knows, maybe I could even find one that has a setting that will allow me to choose how often pictures are swapped out.  If I go that route, I might one to get one to display just the kids and another one to display special events or holidays, and I should probably get another to display our families as well…THEN I won’t feel so physical photo cluttered yet STILL display some pictures of us!!

Pandigital PAN80-2 8.0" LCD Digital Picture Frame with Remote
Pandigital PAN80-2 8.0

·         Find a couple of each kid and do ONE collage for their hallway.  I might even convince myself to allow them to help me “throw the pictures down”.  But knowing me I’ll probably end up catching the case of the OCD’s and not let them touch it in fear of them “messing up the disorganization”…OK…yeah…LOL  They EVEN have photo college software like the one found at Photo Collage Studio (Google’s Picassa has one too and there’s no charge for THAT software!) to help you out so you can rearrange, rearrange, and rearrange if that anal…

Example of Family Photo Collage
Example of Family Photo Collage
 ·         Another idea would be to use an online company to take all of my digital pictures and make albums for me like Photo Works, Shutterfly, MyKoloAlbum, Snapfish, and MyPublisher.  Since I appear to enjoy changing online layouts so much, why not do it with pictures and then have a more professional look than if I did it?! Another place to read up on coffee book albums check out Image Designer’s site.  I personally like the print magazine syle photobooks.  They are so much slimmer (just not too crazy about things that take up space like bulky albums)!!  But then what do I do with all the PRINTED pictures that have not yet been entered into scrapbooks or albums?!  I find plain albums absolutely too boring…ERRR any suggestions?!   

Photoworks Photo Book
Photoworks Photo Book



Thank you Simple Mom!!  You’ve INSPIRED me to declutter digitally!  To read her full post check out
 A Declutterer’s Guide to Storing Photos…who knows…she just might inspire you too!


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  1. Angie Hurst said,

    September 3, 2008 at 12:56 am

    I didn’t know Picasa had the collage ability. I wanted to get one printed at Sam’s Club, but I can’t upload to their site for some reason. I already have a Picasa account… this will work great! Thanks!

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