I never know when to and when not to help.  My husband and I have always said that you just never know if it’s Jesus in disguise and we think…what if it was us.  There are days when I feel more led to help, I feel as if it’s difficult to breathe and I just want to cry so I feel the need.  Maybe i’m feeling their own feelings as I get close.  Then there are days when I think…ok…I just bought you food and drink and you’re not stopping to eat, instead you keep holding up your sign.  I wonder if they really needed food or if it’s a scam.  I think…if you can stand here, day after day, why can’t you find work to help you get off the street and into a place to live in warmth and cool air?  You look young and healthy enough to work…Then of COURSE I HAVE to see “God Bless” and I begin to feel guilty…UGH…

As I was looking for a picture to go along with this blog,  I came across an article written in “The Scarlet” (I pulled the pic from this site).  I decided to read it while I was there and realized WHY most people can’t work…they don’t have an ADDRESS to provide an employer in order to work!  Well DUH to me… If the government is going to provide work assistance programs, why not help them by providing their address til they get off the streets into their own place (maybe make them check in weekly)?!  If that happened, perhaps there would be less people on the streets.  I don’t know…or maybe it’s already done in some areas and just not in others?

In the meantime, we’ll continue to be led to give to certain individuals whether with food, material items (clothes, blankets, etc), or money …because you just never


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