And the day is FAR from over!!  Whoever said a SAHM is easy and fun all the time has GOT to be kidding!!  Today I THOUGHT I’d wake up before the masses to plan my forever long to-do list and tweak my Book Blog ( by giving it a new look.  I was stoked to get my image more book related when I realized that ALL of my community logos and links and other working things were GONE!!  Not just hidden for me to pull back up like the blogroll is but GONE! I literally had to go to various communities to RE-COPY logos, widgets, and such and to make things MORE complicating, in wordpress if you want to copy and move html text to another wordpress location (as I have some of the same info on this site) it won’t allow it!! UGH…

Once the kids get up we realize there is no more cereal left and I’m out of eggs…JOY! So quickly make them shower and dress so we can start errands early and stop by good old McDs…but of course by the time we get there breakfast is no longer being served (more grumbles and complains because they don’t get hashbrowns…hey…at least they’re getting SOMETHING! Ya know?!)

Head to the library to drop books off and print some things off (a week or 2 back I “accidentally” pulled something out of the inside where it prints because paper jammed…ANOTHER story…JOY).  Dump all books in the book slot not paying attention to what is being tossed in as I had requested everyone put all of their books into my bad.  Between being yanked by the 2 year old and griping at the kids for picking with each other, I just didn’t pay attention to how ANY of the books looked (cross our fingers I at least got the to the right library!). Leave and feel a little accomplished and happy to mark it off the list.  But THEN I get a call from the library because I’ve dropped a book that looked like a dog chewed it like crazy and I need to come in and pay the fee this week (THANKS Snoopy!! LOL).  OMG…I absolutely forgot and NEVER meant to drop THAT one in!! 

STILL have to pick up groceries, run to the gas station, pick up a money order for a bill, run to the Dick’s Sports Store to get a “cup” and mouth guard for little man’s football, run to the post office, and STILL come home before hubby does to shop for cheaper medical insurance, wash dishes, throw a load in, straighten up, cook dinner, check e-mail (and post a blog…heehee), and THEN prepare for 2 hours of football practice (DEEP breath in! LOL)…

So I get home, cook spaghetti in between phone calls to hubby’s employer, insurance companies, and washing dishes…little one’s eating dinner and I need to run to the laundry room now…Then we’ll need to leave for the field in 30 minutes.  Once we get home you all know how long it takes for nighttime routines (and the kids are now on their school bedtime since they go back next Monday) for three.  Once that’s done by 9pm…perhaps I’ll finish some laundry and hopefully have SOME time to snuggle next to hubby before we fall asleep to lala land…LOL


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