It’s the LAST week of summer vacation!

THIS is the LAST week of summer vacation for the kids!!  Where did SUMMER go?!  Gee what did we even DO this summer?!  Did we take the vacations we said we’d do?  Did we play as hard as we could? Did we break “school rules”?  What did we do this summer?

Hmmm…let’s see…we swam, swam, and swam at the pool nearly every day during the week, visited the local museums, we watched Hulk 2 & Hell-Boy 2 (Hulk 2 was awesome by the way and Hell-boy sucked in my opinion…which my 7 year old son agrees but daddy not so much…LOL), we visited the NC Aquarium at Kure Beach, played in the Wilmington Beach sand, ate seafood at the beach, BBQ’d this 4th southern style with a “Pig Pickin'” and watched the BIG fireworks in the backyard of a relatives, rode bikes til 8/9pm, ran after ice-cream trucks, played flashlight tag after dark with the neighbors, stayed up REALLY late and slept in late…hmmm…I think we did the typical summer break the rules and have fun things…LOL

So this week it’s time to finish school supply shopping, get haircuts, put together funky cool outfits to wear our first day of school, and go back to our old boring nightime routine of showered/bathed and in the bed by 9pm…it kind of reminds me of our last day of our beach trip when it just rained as we stared out the windows on our drive home…

Bye-Bye summer…til next year…


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