Being Green in the Afterlife

“A “Green” burial will typically ban the use of embalming fluids (or at least require alternatives), vaults, conventional markers, and metal caskets. Green burial sites are often located in meadows and wooded areas that do not require constant maintenance, and the clear-cutting of trees. A “Tree Burial” is one type of green burial in which the body is laid to rest under a newly planted tree.”

To read more about “How to Be Green in the Afterlife” go to:

Hubby and I have often spoken about just being cremated and buried in the same spot together but this is better! After reading the article I told him I wanted a tree planted in my spot, then when he dies if he wishes, we can add his ashes to the soil around the tree as well. I never did see a point to caskets and markers. We both haven’t seen our parents graves in years and I certainly don’t want people to remember me in death but in life.

“In a sense, the tree is you – living on…”


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