The job hunt is back on in full swing…

well..kind of full swing…I’ve been utilizing, CareerBuilder, ManPower, and Frankel Staffing to help me find a job.  As much as I’ve enjoyed staying home with the kids (who wouldn’t love hanging out at the pool or library all day long?!), by the end of the evening I’m ready to pull all my hair out trying to wind us all down and finish all the housework I neglected earlier in the day… LOL  Being a SAHM is TOUGH when the kids are so high maintenance and in constant demand! So BIG BIG props to all those SAHMs out there!! 

I procrastinated and didn’t get far with my business plan for the cafe/bookstore like I had planned, I ended up being selfish and refuse to give up all my precious books for the online used bookstore (believe me…hubby’s NOT too thrilled that my books have carried out into the garage…at least they are on a bookshelf alphabetized and I finally got rid of multiple duplicates of books)!  I haven’t even had much time to keep my blogs updated (and I DO miss it so)!  Do you think I ever got the kids rooms and their bathroom completed?! HA…not to mention I feel sooo underappreciated and my brain feels like mush!! LOL

So I’m ready! Ready to get back into work chaos.  Apparently it was easier for me to juggle family, work, chores, and errands when I had a full schedule!  I find that so odd…

Next week I do have an interview for a Quality Assurance Administrator for Value Option so I do hope it works out well for me and everyone involved.  I’m a bit nervous about requesting a 7:30-3:30/4 schedule or at least 1 day that I get off by 4pm so I have time to take my daughter to soccer practice.  Hopefully it won’t be an issue and automatically write me off their candidate list.  I figured if i was up front in the beginning it would be better for all involved.  If that one doesn’t work out, I know something will come along.  At least I’m drawing unemployment alongside my hubby’s income.  Yet it’s still a major cut in our previous income. 

I never realized all the things we took for granted til our income was dropped tremendously.  These past 2 weeks have been grueling in trying to determine what warranted a drive out and then which vehicle was better for the distance.  Meals are becoming harder to be creative with a smaller grocery budget and with the heat so high, utilities are higher since we’re inside a little bit more when we don’t take that drive to the pool.  And believe me…on the days we don’t go…the kids get antsy and whiny kids just make me want to pull my hair out (i’m surprised I still have some)! LOL  In the past two weeks we’ve gone from swimming everyday (and yes…I’ve been swimming laps and trimming down too!) to swimming 3x a week just to save gas!  And starting next week we’ll have sports practice 4x a week in addition!!!

Anyone know of any healthy tight budget meals for 5?


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