Football, Soccer…the season is FINALLY here!!

Little man has been in football camp the past two weeks…we’ve been yelling random “Ready, Set, Hut!” so he remembers what to do…it’s very cute! LOL  He will be on the “Patriots” team and is currently placed in the “running back” tryout section since he’s a fast runner.  Tonight daddy and him decided to work on catching and of course they just HAD to practice in my living room near breakables because it was too hot outside…GRRR…Daddy has volunteered to be an assistant coach and you guessed it…”mommy” (me) is team mom (head coach’s “secretary”).  I can’t believe my husband has decided to do this but I’m sooo happy and of course I shouldn’t have been so surprised since he’s been waiting for this day for the past couple of years. 

So we’ll be having lots of family time out on the football field nearly everyday (course 2 days a week I’ll be with my oldest daughter on the soccer field).  I’m rather excited about the family getting active together  (as I plan on refreshing my soccer skills again).  Oh sooo much to learn about football and refresh up on soccer!!!  LOL  Well if you knew me, you’d understand (and probably laugh) knowing I just HAD to do some fun research…found this cool site for mom’s with kids involved in team sports to help them understand rules, sport lingo, and such:  Plan on grabbing some popcorn sprinkled with cheese seasoning while I sit and read everything about the sports!

We’ve been waiting for the day to get involved with sports with the kids and it’s FINALLY here!! (Course it is at the same bittersweet as we really see how fast time has been flying by…)  And I’m also wondering how we’re going to manage this with the 2 year old in tow (especially when the football practice site does NOT have a playground)! Got any tips to keep them occupied while still giving you the chance to enjoy watching and rooting for the kids at practices and games?!

So tell me…what’s your favorite sport to watch that have kid players?  In hubby and my younger years our days were filled with martial arts (him), soccer (me), wrestling (him), softball (me), and volleyball (me) practices…Soon as little man is old enough, believe me…wrestling will be the other sport he plays alongside football if hubby can manage it!!

OK…update…that site was NOT a good one!! Apparently I have to PURCHASE the online guide?  So I’m on the search for another…


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