Those kids sure keep me busy!!

It’s been awhile since I’ve been here BUT I’ve definitely been busy.  The kids are quite demanding on summer fun and while I have been enjoying myself, it sure has been exhausting!  If we’re not spending long hours at the in-laws pool, we’re shopping, going to the movies, or enjoying a nice lunch out.  I’ve finally purchased the paint and brushes needed to get the kids bathroom done so that is on my list to complete before the end of the week.  However, I’m such a procrastinator so who knows how long it REALLY will be before it’s completed.  So let’s cross our fingers that I can get it done soon…LOL

I’ve been enjoying staying home with the kids the past couple of months, but to be honest, I long for the work chaos and constant mind challenges.  In the beginning when I decided to stop working, I had so many plans to begin this, begin that, and finish all of those.  But hardly anything has been accomplished or completed.  I figured I’d have more time but the kids are restless on the days that I MUST take care of household things!!  I’ve decided to go back to work so I can feel like I’m doing more than just hanging out.  AND so we can continue to “live our accustomed lifestyle” (because these kids are going to make us broke soon!!  LOL).  I need to feel more productive and I swear, I think I got more accomplished then when I was working AND managing the kids!  Apparently I’m more productive when I’m “multi-tasking”.  I’ve been sending out resumes and had an interview and a couple offfers.  But of course I’m either “over-qualified”, “under-qualified”, or the job is too far away (even though they would have paid out an AWESOME salary).  I KNOW that the right job at the right salary will eventually come, I just need to be patient.  But of course it’s not always easy to be patient!  LOL  So I suppose we’ll just have to wait…


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