The “Big Baby”…

Well today I get the pleasure to drag the “Big Baby” to the dr…I’mTIRED of hearing him groan and whine yet NOT take himself to the dr like I told him before…Bonehead went 4-wheeling with the guys this past Sunday and to end the day off the hot trails, they all decided to jump off the swinging rope into the cool waters…mine bangs his knee on something,and today it’s angry red and still swollen.  It’s hurts him after standing and walking a lot and VERY tender to the touch.  Not to mention that now a gland in his groin area is swollen in the same leg.  SOOOOO…I’ll be dropping the kids off at the in-laws to “joyfully” sit in a nasty urgent care center while we wait to see the dr…

I don’t know about you BUT I personally go to Dr. appts by myself, unless I’m too sick to drive, I go at it alone.  While I love that he wants me to go with him…STILL…the man NEVER goes without me!! LOL


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