What a joy…

What a beautiful sunny day it was today!  The littliest one and I enjoyed our tea, dolls, and books out back from the moment her older siblings left for school til it was time for lunch and naptime.  What a joy it was to enjoy the warmth from the sun while enjoying a nice cup with a precious little one who revels in all the attention one will give.  These are the moments that makes caring for a child such joy and saddens me deeply when other little one’s don’t have mother’s that can’t or don’t have the time to be with them.  Children of ALL ages small and big deserve all of their mommy’s and daddy’s attentions.  Both one on one and together with others.  What a joy it has been to watch this little one grow before my eyes.  To help her learn to walk, to help her learn to talk, to hear her call you mommy and to hear her tell you “I love you” even before telling her daddy whom she is so attached to.  What a joy. 🙂


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