Hubby’s newest role…manicurist…

You know your man loves you when he helps you do your nails!! LOL  Last night I wanted to give myself a french manicure.  Talk about taking forever!!!  Well the first hand went well with sticking on the tip guide for painting the white part, then I get to the other hand…I’m frustrated beyond belief.  Thankfully I was able to pry hubby’s eyes from the WECF (World Extreme Cage Fighting) to help me add strips to the other hand.  Wish I had a camera because it was both hilarious and endearing to see him “do my nails” even if it was only a couple.  Course idiot me fell asleep before they completely dried so they’re not as nice and smooth as they should be.  I of course also wanted to paint a pink flower on my thumbs for fun BUT of course it WOULD come out looking like a big “X” on my thumbs…so what do I do to cover up the mistake INSTEAD of just acetoning it off and repaint clear polish on top?!  Paint the whole nail above the white tips on BOTH thumbs hot pink.  WHAT an idiot I was!!!  Let’s say that all day today while out and about I tried to hide my thumbs everywhere I went so people wouldn’t stare!! LOL  I think next time I’ll just head to the salon and have them done…


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