The Swanky Suit…

Oh I put on my new swanky suit today for the first time of the new season…wonderful expensive gift to me since it holds me in at all the right places. A beautiful It Figures suit AND it so happens I am TWO sizes smaller than LAST YEAR and in a 16 now (and STILL aiming to get smaller by the way)…but I digress as to why I’m actually writting this post! LOL2 teen girls (course I know them) thought they could out lap the older gal…The first girl of course had a rule in addition to getting to the end and that was to never lift up for air…VOOOOOOOOOOOOM…who do you think got there first? ME!!! (NOT that I wasn’t SHAKING from muscle tiredness and from being out of breath!! LOL) So then what happend next once I get back to the other side?  The OTHER then thinks she’s faster and asks me to race her BUT she says we could come up for air…OOOH Why thank you for being considerate of an older gal! LOL Once again…VOOOOOOOOOM…yep…you know it…I swam my arse off and again beat another young one…LOLBut THEN of course my sister in law whose older says try to beat me! OMG…by this time I was SUUUPPPPPPPERRRRRR tired….LOL  But this time I had to dive into the pool and then swim to the other end…WTH?! My legs were jelly and she’s like several inches taller than me and could dive out further because HER leg and shoulder muscles weren’t mush from pushing hard for the first time in YEARS!!! So how much did she beat me?!  A HAND LENGTH!!!  That’s ok…Monday’s the rematch between just the two of us…LOLSee…just like I told my hubby…that suit was WONDERFUL a investment as it empowered me in knowing I was just as young as these other gals!


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