Potty Training…

Hopefully soon the 2 year old will begin REALLY potty training.  For a month we thought she was doing it and she even got excited about her new Princess Pull ups!  Last night she decided to “doodie” outside her diaper…needless to say it was NOT in the toilet!  All of a sudden our oldest is screaming that her little sister has “doodied” in the foyer, hallway, AND bathroom!! OMG!!!  New carpet was recently installed in the living room so of course hubby and I are in a panic that she’s “doodied” there too since the foyer floor meets with the living room floor.  Thank goodness no “doodie” there!  But dang if I didn’t STEP in it!!!  UGH…  And of course she’s got it on her and on HER feet! YUCK!!


But then this morning…I’m here on the computer checking e-mails and here the little one comes with a plastic bag, diaper, wipes, shorts in hand, and lays down in front of me…How did I know she’d “doodied”?  The plastic bag since we wrap up the yucky diapers in them to toss out immediately outside! LOL What a good girl!!


So now I’m online again (as if it’s not obvious) looking up potty training tips on getting started and staying active.  I know my 2 older ones pretty much did it on their own and were completely potty trained by their 3rd birthday but why not be hopeful?  I decided to check out the Huggies Pull Ups site which contains several articles on potty training.   


First you have to obviously check for the signs they are ready to begin the process…

  Does your child stay dry for 2 hours?
    Does she want her wet diapers changed?  
    Show interest in the bathroom?  
    Indicate by words or body language when it’s time to go?  
    Want to wear Big Kid® pants?  
    Does he understand simple directions?  
  If you answered yes to any of these, it’s time to think about potty training.

After looking up these quick tips I KNEW she WAS definitely ready! So why the loss of interest in the potty when she was interested?


When it comes to teaching kids to pay attention to urges Huggies says:

*  Start by bringing attention to what’s going on down there. Make changes quickly after wetting or BMs and talk about what just happened.

*  Beginners actually need to learn to “release” pee (and later BMs). Telling trainers to “Push it all out” while peeing helps them to become aware of the muscles they are learning to control.

*  Controlling urine and BM involves different sets of muscles. Most kids master #1 first. Either way, it can simplify things to focus on one thing at a time.


OK…so she knows how to release and last night I EVEN got her to try to finish the “doodie” in the potty (which she did).  She knows how to stop her urine (because one time she started to pee just before getting in the tub and when I saw it with big eyes and mouth open to say something she stopped because she knew she had to finish on the potty. 


So why the loss of interest for herself?  When I go, she claps and yells for me!! LOL  When I get her to go she’s excited but it’s so rare and few compared to what it used to be!  UGH…I know I know…be patient…give it time…she’ll do it on her own time…


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